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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Family Re-union?

There is an immediate concern with some recent budget talks of the Sierra College Board of Trustees. An email has gone out to all classifieds and faculty, and has been posted on the faculty blog site at www.scfa-members-speak.blogspot.com if you would like to give your feedback.

Ok, I just have a couple comments about the postings on this website. There are many frustrated people who have posted their concerns, and there are others defending the actions of the Union, not seeming to understand why people are upset. We're all entitled to our opinions, but I don't think it's fair to be accused of whining in the shadows when people have been retaliated against for speaking out in the past, negotiators have been removed for having differing opinions from the E-board on policies or processes, and when the group of concerned people were attending the weekly meetings, some of the board members made them feel as though they were intruding - and in a few instances, agenda items were moved around purposely so that there would be no time for community comments because particular board members did not want to hear it. One even suggested that they switch to closed meetings, but luckily the rest of the board thought that wouldn't be right, or at least it wouldn't look good. I'm not saying that every single board member was always rude, but none of them should be when answering questions asked from their dues-paying members. These are factual occurances, although I'm sure there are people out there that just want to stay in denial about anything negative regarding Union activities. If you weren't there, then you can only beleive what you are told, but please keep an open mind that there are always two sides to every story. We aren't a bunch of paranoid lunatics who have nothing better to do than to trash the E-Board - there are genuine reasons that we feel a change is necessary. Give us some credit.

Regardless of what's happened, it's out in the open now, and people can choose to beleive it or not. And, we have a new Business Manager now - let's give her a chance to move the E-board in a direction of more open communication and member participation. It would be nice to know who the Union has appointed to the Presidential search, although it would have been nicer had they asked for volunteers like the Senate did. It would be nice to have the financial reports emailed out each month, or even to be made available in the FUSE Public Folder for accessing at our convenience. It would also be nice that if there is a large expense or decision coming up, that we as members can give input and be heard before it's decided. It would be nice to know what this convention in Hawaii has to offer and how it would benefit the 3 or 4 board members attending. I think most members would be supportive of E-board activities if we were just given advance notice and justification - if we are given a chance to express our concerns before decisions are made, and the E-Board is willing to listen, I think that alone will put some of the "function" back into this disfunctional "family".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ready 4 Change - I don't know about you, but I got tired of changing diapers a long time ago. When I saw the blog site from Ready 4 Change and realized what it was about, I was reminded of having my septic tank sucked out last week - All of that stinky stuff that stays buried in the concrete box for a number of years, periodically reminds us that it is still there. For a very different perspective, read on:

This is my view on the F.U.S.E. E-Board. I’m not a sheep who is easily led by anyone either. I do raise sheep though, and you know, I think that they’re smarter than most people think. They know they’re better off if they stick together and when a few decide to cross the river because they think maybe the grass is greener on the other side, they quickly become sorry because it’s hard to cross back and not end up downstream or drowned in the current. When night comes, they are much more vulnerable to predators. Another interesting thing about sheep most people don’t know is that they are born with long tails. If you don’t crop them, the dingle berries cling, causing infection and even death. They must be nipped, even though they don’t like it; their well being depends on it.

I've been on the Classified Staff since 1990. I worked for California’s largest corporate bank from 1975 - 1990, climbed the ranks at four local branches and was making $6.30 an hour when Sierra College hired me at more than double my salary. My bank manager wanted to negotiate with me - He was about to lose a lot of bonus money that my hard work was generating to pad his wallet. I told him that I deserved to be treated better than that. Sierra College had given me the education that allowed me to enter the workforce - I wanted to give something back. All I had gotten at the bank was work experience - I was moving on.

Yesterday when all of my buttons had finally been pushed and I decided to post this, I got out my contract because I didn’t want to say anything that wasn’t true. If you have a copy of it and you turn to pages 27 – 72, you’ll find that there are forty-six pages describing the benefits that we stand to lose, if we don’t stick together. I’m not certain what the District would be obligated to pay if we didn’t have a contract, but I’m thinking that list would be short - maybe salaries (probably not the ones we enjoy now), workman’s comp and base-line vacation, sick leave and meal periods. Anyways, I got out a pen and paper and started to write down a list of benefits that the Classified at Sierra College have. I believe that most, if not all, of these things have all been negotiated for us over the years and I know that I have used most of them, without even trying:

• Bereavement Leave, Birth & Adoption, Comp Time, Educational Release Time, Family Leave, Flex Activities, Flex Schedule, Floaters, Graduated Vacation Time, Income Protection Insurance, Industrial Accident Compensation, Jury, Military and Catastrophic Leave, Leave for Retraining & Study, Leave Without Pay, Life Insurance, Longevity,
Medical / Dental / Vision Plans, Mileage and travel time between work sites, Numerous Holidays, Parking Permits, PERS, Personal Business and Necessity, Salary, Shift Differential, Stipends of all kinds and my favorite one – Two weeks of paid Winter Break. But, we still seem to have plenty of things to complain about, don’t we?

And when this isn’t enough and an employee has a special need, who is there helping you negotiate with the District to have your needs met? Your F.U.S.E. Reps. I may have missed a few of our benefits, but I’m hoping that maybe now you can see why our contract is so important to us as a group. And this list doesn’t address all of the things we can enjoy by simply working here, so I’m just going to name a few that I take advantage of because I could write a book on what Sierra College means to me:

• Easy accessibility of classes, free counseling, library materials, shared governance opportunities, tax sheltered annuities, the arts and cultural events presented here, use of fitness equipment and the pool, wonderful friends, workshops. I could go on and on.

Besides salaries that are some of the best in Placer and Nevada counties, we are blessed with many paychecks of the heart, like knowing that you make a difference in the community just by working here, helping people who are less fortunate through scholarships and fundraisers, the rewards that come with mentoring a student to success, interacting with our special ed students, to name just a few.

Your F.U.S.E. E-Board Reps have been elected by us. I know that I'm certainly in the circle benefiting from their hard work though and I think if you think about it, you are too. Many things have been hard fought and won for you by the E-Board. Over the years, I've seen them (most who are volunteers) put in countless hours, over and above the call of duty, and it's largely due to their sweat and tears that we have what we have. I know that I certainly don’t want to be in their shoes. Please take the time to personally thank them. They spend a lot of their time skillfully mediating between Classified and their Managers, sometimes for very important reasons and sometimes because we can't seem to solve our own piddly problems.

The staff here at Sierra has grown in number and our needs have grown tremendously - if the E-Board felt that they needed additional administrative services, I can certainly understand why. When they wanted the position to be better compensated, No One spoke out against the Range 20 pay level at the open quarterly meeting when it was voted for, unanimously I believe - Why's That? A couple of people asked for clarification regarding the raise and that was all that was said.

I always try to generate positive energy. I don’t like to be associated with the negative kind. Both forms of energy can grow very easily when they are nurtured, so you have to be careful - each type of energy reaps what it sows. Communication is a two-way process. Collaboration and consensus are even better. Please come to your quarterly meetings and voice your opinions for change. If you can't wait until then, your E-Board members all seem to have an open door policy, if you ask me. In fact, when I walk by the F.U.S.E. office, the door is always propped open. They each deserve to be treated better than this. It makes me extremely sad to realize that this blog site had to come out during Shari Newman’s last week at work and to know how she must be feeling, as she leave a place and people that she dearly loves. What timing - For this alone, I would be ashamed of myself.

Let me sum this up with a short personal reflection: My 26 year old son just got back from serving a year in Iraq; At 67, my Dad is near the end of his all too short Alzheimer's journey; I had to place my special needs brother in a care home this year and maybe I just realize how precious life is right now.

I have learned that the secret to being satisfied is not in having everything you want, but in wanting what you already have. When our focus becomes what someone else is getting, that becomes all that we can see.

October 02, 2005 9:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that any opinions differing from the E-board are basically viewed as shit. And you wonder why there are any problems.

October 02, 2005 11:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a nice lists of benefits, but most seems standard fare, and a few comments:
Two weeks "paid" winter break? According to the Classified Calendar, three of the ten days winter break are closure days, forcing us to use exsiting vacation/sick leave to enjoy. A new employe would be using 24 hrs, or 25%, of vacation to enjoy winter break. When did vacation become mandatory?
As far as holidays, how many holidays do we receive that aren't standard for state/government workers? Is it FUSE that got us these holidays, or state law?
I don't mean to minimize the efforts of the union, but for a balanced comparison, let's compare apples to apples and look at the salaries and benefits of Los Rios.
Just curious, how many Classified have benefitted from stipends? I was not aware they were available...

October 03, 2005 7:31 AM

Anonymous speakingmymind said...

Great list of benefits ... you show great support of FUSE. But I wonder if you have ever read your pay check. It is from SIERRA COLLEGE. Sierra College isn't going to give you anything they don't want to give you - regardless of who sits at that negotiating table.

October 03, 2005 1:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Aug 16th minutes.

d. Furniture for office; desk; $2,110.00; Custom Transitions; $2,100. California Office Furniture; and one other. The purchase of the office furniture was discussed; Rick recommends that we accept the Custom Transitions quote; they have done lots of work on campus and do good work; Shari motioned desk unit not to exceed $2,500; seconded, APPROVED.

from Aug 2nd

a. Water Cooler – Rental of a water cooler dispenser with hot & cold features for the FUSE office $14.00 per month; 5 gallon bottles cost $8.49; there is a $6. bottle deposit; Not to exceed $50. per month; Sue motioned for approval; seconded; APPROVED.

October 03, 2005 4:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the reason no one spoke up when it was announced that the temp help was getting raised to 20 at the meeting was that it was sprung on everyone with no advance warning. She was also present at the meeting which would have made it very awkward to discuss. We know how vocal she can get. By the way, it's really not appropriate for a temp to be attending Union meetings. And if we are to discuss decisions at the meetings, we really should be given details well in advance so we can be ready with our concerns.

October 03, 2005 5:23 PM

Blogger KG6PIR said...

$2,110.00 for a F&%king desk. What is wrong with this I ask you? For FUSE to spend that much on a desk is outrageous and should of gone in front of a general meeting and asked if we would wanted to spend that much money on a simple desk. I would of said NO. Not to mention $25 dollars for a water cooler and a 5-gallon bottle. What is wrong with tap water? I do not think FUSE should be spending money on these things when they are already buying bottled water for meetings and drinking in the office.

October 03, 2005 10:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Commentator #2 from #1. I couldn't have said it better myself (in answer to your question/statement), but with one condition - only when people who aren't agreeing with the E-Board don't make their opinions known in the right format (open meetings). Instead, they think it's a better idea to talk amongst themselves with their like-minded disgruntled friends and let small problems become big problems. They hide out. But, I do apologize for leaving you hanging for two days - I was taking care of my ill Dad. I figure you could only be the originator of this site because everybody else has something better to do on a Sunday, I'm sure.

Commentator #3 - You brought up a good point. I had forgotten that we have to use some of our own leave for the two week break. I've been here a long time and have built up plenty of leave, so I don't notice it anymore - but it is so worth it for that time off. There are many different types of stipends listed in your contract; out of class being just one of them. Check it out.

#4 - You've really got to be kidding me!

#5 - If you had seen what they had been using for furniture,I think you would agree it was badly needed. The closest drinking fountain is, I believe, outside the gym - poolside.

#6 - Even when I'm extremely uncomfortable, I've learned to speak my mind - I learned it by raising four boys to adulthood. It's a skill that comes in handy and gives peace of mind in knowing I expressed my opinion.

#7 - I had to purchase office furniture recently and it isn't cheap. A two person work station ran around $4K, so $2,110 seems reasonable. I know they checked around. And besides, if we want to be supportive of our new Business Manager, she should have a decent workspace.

October 04, 2005 4:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s funny you’d automatically assume that the site originator was the one who responded to your post, comparing our views to your sewer getting cleaned out, just because they happen to read it over the weekend. Wasn’t your comment also submitted on Sunday? And I’m curious that if you’re so comfortable speaking your mind in public, why you also use the anonymous posting. It’s easy to be vocal when you know you have the Union backing you up and you know they can reward you with whatever they negotiate. Try being vocal when you are standing up for something you believe in and it happens to go against those in decision-making and influential roles who can retaliate against you. Not so easy then. For an educational institution, we sure have a lot of closed minds. It’s sad that some people are not willing to even try and understand other points of view – we don’t have to agree 100%, but what happened to tolerance and collaboration?

October 04, 2005 8:49 AM

Anonymous speakingmymind said...

Dear Pro FUSE Blogger. You are right, I must be kidding, because you do get paid by FUSE. You fight for them in blogg wars and against orange petitions and they make sure that folks like you, get the nice retirement packages and steps at your end of the salary schedule. People like me, who are just starting here are Sierra (2nd year) the future of the place, just get what Sierra chooses to give us. But you know, I'm ok with that. I would rather raise my 3 children on my small pay check and know that I don't stand with an organization like FUSE. I have seen the things and people they fight for and I don't believe in that. I do my job, I don't need a union rep sitting next to me when I talk with my boss.

I hate to get in a blogg-fight with you - I don't like to put down other people's opinions, but since you found it necessary to attack everyone on this site who doesn't agree with you , I am forced to respond.

October 04, 2005 4:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever said the benefits we receive are 'standard' fare apparently doesn't keep up with the news: "The ranks of those (in the US) without health insurance grew from 41.2 million in 2001 to over 45 million in 2005"

And, how about: "US poverty increased as real wages stagnated and more Americans lost health insurance between 2003 and 2004, according to Census data released August 30. For the fourth consecutive year, the poverty rate has risen. In 2000 31.6 million people, 11.3 percent of the population, lived at or below the federal poverty threshold. (see: http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/05poverty.shtml for the figures) Last year 37 million Americans, 12.7 percent, fell into this category." Is the cost of living in California really high and do we need to continue fighting for increased wages? Absolutely and I can't believe you think your Union is satisfied with no raises. But look what the state government is doing to the budget and blaming us state workers for all the budget woes. Hard to get a raise in that atmosphere.

And not all the increases in pay come at the end of careers - if you have been at Sierra for 3 years, you should have received a step increase the last 2 years? Don't you think that was negotiated for everyone at one point?

And the 'parity increase' received last year after a bitter 6 month fight with the District to bring classified up to the same package as given to faculty - I recall that was given to ALL classified.

In the recent SCFA letter it was stated that negotiations are underway to increase the medical benefits CAP. That usually means we ALL benefit.

Can there be improvements in communications? Absolutely! Also, I cannot criticize the Union for not representing you when you - all of you - are so general in your statements. "The union doesn't represent me" tells me nothing- so I assume when we all receive a benefit that the Union represents everyone. I'd be happy to vote against them or speak of an injustice but can't if I don't know about it.

And, for those who say, "I don't want to get involved in all the politics," unfortunately, that is what it is all about. So you let the others get involved, and then make it really 'politics' by criticizing and acusing them of favortism, etc. and alk away, saying you are not going to get involved.

Change is never easy! It is hard work.

Sierra is a great place to work! Could it be better? Absolutely! So don't stop working to make it better. Because most of what we enjoy is good doesn't mean that we stop trying to improve - conditions and terms for everyone. But just throwing darts at those who are trying to serve isn't going to accomplish that. And, no, I don't pretend to know everything about your job; I have experienced both really good and really bad here, but nothing can be improved without bringing it out in the open.

October 04, 2005 6:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time before a more recent Sierra College hire would point out the obvious difference in benefits, such as health care at retirement, between new and post-90 hires. Funny thing is the management team and board is behind the reduction in benefits, not FUSE. What FUSE is guilty of is trying to protect the interests of us. All of us, not just post-90 hires. If you are satisfied with no Colas, continued increases in the amount we have to pay for our part of our health care benefits, and the very real possibility that the new school board will put it's employees at the bottom of its to do list, just keep on sniping at FUSE.

There is no doubt a better job can be done by the FUSE Board, but I also note that not many people volunteer to be a board member. It has been like pulling teeth to get anyone to serve. One more thing, if you don't like FUSE or Unions, perhaps you'd consider opting out of the next pay raise they negotiate for us. HD

October 04, 2005 6:46 PM

Blogger KG6PIR said...

In the past, it was proposed to the e-board to start recording the general meetings for those people who could not attend. The reason I know this is because it was I who went out and got 3 different quotes for the equipment needed and because of the cost and the complexity of the set-up the idea was thrown out. So I would propose the current FUSE e-board start recording there biweekly meetings and post the audio file on there website so FUSE members could listen to the meetings at there own convince. Because I am dong a project of a similar type, I know the cost of the set-up. The hardware cost is under $2000 dollars and there is no software cost involved because we already have a HTML editor the college pays for as part of the Microsoft Office package. For a room the size of the FUSE office a simple digital recorder, 2 microphones, 2 table stands, and 2 XLR cables is all that is needed.

If a Marantz PMD670 ($700) was the digital recorder that is used one could saves a recording to MP3 file then all that a person would have to do is load the MP3 file onto the FUSE website and a link to it on the FUSE webpage.

If FUSE is willing to spend $2100 on a desk then this simple equipment would not be such a big deal. I think buying and using the recorder would give people a chance to hear what goes on at a normal FUSE meeting. I know for my self I cannot take off 2 hours of work every two weeks to go to a meeting but I would be willing to listen to a meeting over the weekend at my convenience.

October 04, 2005 10:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think most of us, especially those who have worked in private industry, appreciate all the steps and benefits that working at Sierra provides. I, too, have almost double the salary that I had right before I came here. For all of that, most of us appreciate what the Union has done in the past. No one is complaining about that. My main gripe, and I think also most others who have posted on this site, is that over the last few years the communication from the E-Board has gone downhill. Just because I elected someone for office doesn't mean they have carte blanch to do whatever they want - they have a responsibility to the membership. When I first started here, I remember getting those little surveys to find out what areas were most important to us for negotiations. I remember the concentration on raises that would benefit everyone, not just the people at step G or the 24th year longevity, and certainly not singled out deparments. I also remember that there were no "package deals" when it came to ratifications. We had choices, and if one component wasn't to our liking, it could be taken back to the table and reworked. The last time the contract was ratified was when they slammed it through to beat the orange petitioners to the punch. It was that package or nothing, basically. (And then it took 2.5 years to even get a copy of it!) I think one main reason why there was more communication and checking with the membership back then was because we didn't have agency shop - we had a choice whether or not we wanted to be dues-paying members. We didn't have a vote if we didn't pay dues, but at least we had the choice - which probably made the E-Board try harder to find out what the membership wanted.

That was then, this is now. All of us members, happy with the E-Board or not, have a chance to voice our praises, concerns, and suggestions with this survey that is suppose to go out soon. Take a moment to really think about the things that have worked, as well as things that could go better, and let them know. Even if you have no complaints whatsoever, is there one little thing that could maybe be improved? If you're totally disgusted with all the past events, how could they be improved, and was there maybe one thing in particular that you thought was good? Let's give the E-Board some helpful, workable feedback that they can use - especially those of us who would like to see some changes. We need to make the effort to respond, and we need to give specifics. There are so many views, most of them leaning extremely to one side or the other. To make this work, we're all going to have to open our minds and meet somewhere in the middle.

October 05, 2005 2:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very Well Said! Thank you!

October 06, 2005 5:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that the good, the bad and the ugly is coming out, let's all just vent it out and move on with the survey. This is an opportunity for everyone to put their best ideas, suggestions and recommendations forward for the whole.

Sierra is a great place to work!
We have a great benefit package overall, and fairly decent salaries. However, we are all on overload with way too much to do.

Classified staff has grown very little (maybe by 15 positions)in the past 10-12 years (maybe longer), and 10-12 years ago we didn't have Truckee, Gateway or NCC which took staff from the main campus. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the support base (Classified) is truly drowning. We have not been compensated for shouldering this growth by the addition of more classified staff or a proper classification study since 1998. The existing staff just takes on more and more - we are stretched to the limit.

Now there is talk of hiring freezes, across the board salary cuts, MORE growth, no COLA, no compensation - just more students to serve and work to accomplish.

Let's all fill out the survey and give our E-Board and negotiators some direction. If you want to see what Trustee Klein thinks about staff go to: sierracollegetrustee.blogspot.com

October 06, 2005 4:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From “the Pro FUSE Blogger”: I guess I thought most readers would understand my opening story describing the periodic reoccurrence of a few unhappy people coming forward (more or less) every few years to voice their dissatisfaction with their Union. Some employees are too new to have lived through this, but for most of us we have seen this cycle reoccur over and over again. This week when my car was sideswiped in the Sierra College parking lot, with no note left behind, it occurred to me that was another periodic reoccurrence that people can’t relate to, until it happens to them.

I posted anonymously, just like everyone else. Mostly I didn’t have the time to figure out the instructions on how to post by creating an account, but I did it on my own time from my home computer. And when I responded a few days later, I didn’t feel that I was attacking anyone, just answering questions that appeared to be directed towards me.

My paycheck’s payor is Placer County Office of Education, not F.U.S.E., not Sierra College. We are all public employees serving our community. When I was a student here in the seventy’s, we had about 4,000 students; now we’ve more than quadrupled in size. I know all about being stretched too thin with my job responsibilities, but I do it glad heartily because I know we can all make a difference in the lives we touch here. The rewards from that are far more valuable and lasting than our paychecks. We all benefit from the hard work of F.U.S.E., whether we are supportive of the E-Board or not. And, you can count on them to be there for you when you need them and most employees will need them sooner or later.
And yes, I'm a chronic insomniac.

October 07, 2005 1:00 AM

Anonymous timothy tujillo said...

Accountability Right.

I think it is funny that the same articles that talk about accountability recommends
doing things anonymously. I think the opposite. People who voice their opinion without
putting their name behind it are just blowing hot air. There is no reason to be afraid.
Afraid of what? Afraid of being honest and reflecting your true self. Yea I could see
myself instructing my kids anonymously. I could see myself calling my bank anonymously
and telling them I was overcharged. We are all free to speak and be heard.
What is funny is the ones who want to be anonymous are already known.
For example Tim Kyle, I don't say that because he voices his opinion but rather he tries
doing thing anonymously. Like waiting for our union officers to leave town to organize
to overthrow our present union. His reasoning is to better ourselves. Let me give you
another example: Tim Kyle reports to Ray Cunningham that he saw Jesus ,our mechanic,
take some scrap metal. They report to the Rocklin police and file charges.
Did he think he could remain anonymous?
I was talking to Steve, the police officer, at a union meeting, I asked him if he was for the union or not. He said he was not in a position to say. Again, there is that
anonymous thing. In time wither you want to or not your true colors will come to light.
I think most of those choosing to be anonymous would be better off referring to
themselves as plain old union busters. After all management was so much against
the classified union by the way they supported the overthrow. When they felt threatened
they did not hesitate to look for their own protection. They joined their own union.
Oh buy the way I am pro union and proud of it.
I appreciate my union officers. Another funny thing is that those making the most noise
about reform are those that were in office before, like Tim and Jory.
When they were in office we supported whatever they did.
Jory asked for more union dues so we gave it to them. I could go on and on.
Let me just say Sheri thanks for your hard work and Sue I hope you can kick butt
like Sheri. It isn't easy doing what the union officers do. I salute you union officers.

By Tim Trujillo the custodian.

October 19, 2005 8:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim T. I respect your opinion regarding anonymous statements, but I don't agree that there is no valid reason to do so. I was trampled all over by a supervisor...and I can assure you that supervisors/managers can make your life miserable.

I, too, support F.U.S.E. and the current Board Members; although I agree with the sentiment that the E-Board needs to do more survey's, and seek input from classified staff on key issues.

October 19, 2005 1:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Tim, someone who stole shouldn't be reported to the Police or, at the very least, to management? I don't get that statement. I can't believe you would even suggest that Tim is wrong for reporting a potential crime. And if he wanted to report in anonymously, that's his choice. It's also everyone else choice to complain anonymously. You don't walk in our shoes and you haven't experienced what we have experienced. Maybe he chose to report it anonymously because he has to work with the poor guy and people like you who go on a message board and call him out for reporting a theft????

I'm pro-union too...I'm hopeful Sue will do a wonderful job. But there obviously is a need for some change.

October 20, 2005 12:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am totally pro-union! However, I do not support our union protecting employees/members who are known to have committed a theft and then attack those who reported the theft. I don't believe in a Union/membership that protects all members at any cost - this is the type of action that gives unions a bad image/name and exactly what those who would like to see unions go away, evidence to do so. In fact, I definitely feel that our contract should have some language to this effect. We cannot protect employees who have a disregard for rules, steal property, and then go crying to the union to protect them - what kind of behavior would we be fostering. Certainly, I would expect the managers to take care of this at their level, but if they don't then I don't feel it is productive or in the best interests of our membership to bear the burden of protection when there has been an outright deal-breaker situation (i.e. drugs, alcohol, theft, inability to do the work, poor performance, etc.). That is how we get stuck with poor employeees (and you all know what I'm talking about as we do have some)!

October 25, 2005 12:00 PM

Anonymous Tim Trujillo said...

A CHALLENGE TO YOU ALL I last spoke up about about speaking out anonymously.I brought up an incident regarding Tim Kyle.I brought him up as an example.It looks like some of you got me figured out wrong.I CHALLENGE YOU to talk to JESUS the mechanic personally and then maybe you'll feel the same way I do. Talk about being harrassed. What sucks most is the fact that Tim Kyle a co- worker instagated the whole thing. I know Tim Kyle is two faced and can't be trusted but now if your serious about knowing the facts ? You'll find out to. Bye for now. Tim the custodian.

November 08, 2005 1:33 PM


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