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Monday, October 03, 2005

FUSE Survey

I would like to commend our new Business Manager, Sue, for being willing to send out a survey to the membership and find out which direction we would like the Union to move. This is a great opportunity for those of us who have been less than pleased to let the E-Board know how we think things can be improved. Please take the time to fill it out with your positive, constructive ideas and suggestions - if you would like to remain anonymous, you can print it out and mail in the hard copy. Don't miss this opportunity to make your voice heard!


Blogger KG6PIR said...

Could the question on the survey have been anymore vague?

October 10, 2005 10:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a little dissappointed that the main issues posted on this blog site weren't addressed in the survey. Here is what I'm suggesting in my survey response:

1.What are the MAIN ISSUES you want to see addressed in our union contract?
 That the FUSE annual budget be subject to membership approval at the beginning of each year, with a proposal including details & justification of how the dues money will be used, and a chance for discussion & adjustments as needed.
 Whenever there is an opening on the E-Board, even during the middle of a term, that it opens up to all, not just current board members, and that it goes out for a vote of the membership.
 That the temp position be justified to the membership by making available the job description, and that it be subject to annual vote of the membership at the beginning of each year, and that the temp person NOT attend any meetings intended for dues paying members, especially when discussing the temp position.
 That the temp position not have access to confidential information about Classified employees.
 That the membership receives monthly reports from the E-Board as to negotiations, conferences, budget, and other related, and that these reports are made available in the Public Folders or on the FUSE website in a timely manner.
 That DETAILED monthly budget reports and minutes are published to the Public Folder or FUSE website within 2 weeks after the date of the meeting or financial month.
 That we use some of the dues money to hire an outside negotiator who is familiar with school districts and that can bring up issues in negotiations when it’s awkward for a classified member to do so. (this can be the “bad cop”)
 That the membership be polled at the beginning of each year to find out what items are the most important to negotiate for during the year.
 That the membership receives DETAILED agendas for General Meetings one week in advance.
 That Classifieds can apply for higher range positions in any job openings, just like we had for a year or two during the last budget crisis.
 That the E-Board looks for ways to save dues money by skipping trainings and conventions that they’ve already gone to in the past two years. Also that the temp position does not attend these trips that are funded with membership dues.
 That there is finally a COMPLETE and THOUROUGH reclassification study done by an outside company, and that it is finished within one year. No Classifieds should have influence as to how positions are rated, other than individual interviews regarding their own position.
 In regards to membership voting, that anything less than an 80% approval rate be taken back to the membership for further discussion and adjustments.

2. What changes in our WAGES would you like to see in our contract?
 That we increase steps F and G each to a flat 5% to be in line with the rest of the salary schedule.
 That we get an automatic cola each year equal to the State’s cola given to the college.
(I can dream, can’t I?)
 That the Union uses LIUNA connections to lobby for State colas automatically be applied to Classified salary schedules and that it become part of Ed Code.
 That the revised current contract section on longevities be implemented as soon as possible regarding the changed wordage, “commencement” of the 10th, 15th, & 20th years.

3. What changes in our WORKING CONDITIONS would you like to see in our contract?
 That Classifieds are allowed to voluntarily work extra “straight time” throughout the year to “bank” and use up during the summer schedule change. For example, they could work an extra 32-40 hours during the year and use 1 hour of banked time each day and only work 9 hours, or bank more hours and work even shorter summer days.

4. Would you be willing to help update/revise the FUSE Contract which will be up for renewal 6/30/06? (Note: We will be calling for volunteers soon.)
 I’m not sure what is required of this task as far as duties or time commitment – if you can specify when you call for volunteers, that would help with my decision.

5. Would you be willing to contribute to the various needs of your FUSE E-Board and membership? If yes, what? If no, why not?
 Again, if you could be more specific, that would be helpful. There is full release time for the Business Manager, a 30 hour/week temp assistant, as well as a handful of stewards. I’m really not clear why additional help would be needed, however if the temp position were eliminated, and that annual amount was applied toward hiring an outside negotiator, I predict that there would be numerous volunteers! Considering how much work each of us Classifieds can get done in our own jobs with our limited number of positions and resources, it is difficult to understand the need for a 30 hr/wk temp at a range 20 when the Bus.Mgr has full release time as well. If the temp is there to help file, that does not warrant 30 hours or range 20 – it would be helpful to know what exactly that position is responsible for. It seems that money may be able to work for us in a better way.
 Another possible beneficial use for the money saved by eliminating the temp position is to hire out our own Classification review to compare our positions and pay rates with other colleges and private industry, and present those results to the Board of Trustees as well as the District negotiations.

October 10, 2005 8:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anything happen with these survey results?

February 09, 2006 6:33 PM


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